Jansen+co is an Amsterdam-based table top design company, founded in 2006 by Anouk Jansen and Harm Magis, which enjoys international recognition for its contemporary, unique and colourful products. Every Jansen+co product combines the very best of industrial production with an authentic hand finish; classic shapes are combined with a modern touch; vivid, radiant colours are tastefully blended with subtle, complementary tones.
It was in August 2010 that Jansen+co launched their first ceramic range in the colourful  My Mug collection. Since then the success of the Jansen+co products has spread around the world and the designs can be found in design stores, museum stores, kitchen retailers, and high end department stores.

January 2015 a new partnership started with design company Serax.
Serax has acquired the worldwide license of Jansen+co.
The love for design and authenticity is what has brought Serax and Jansen+co together.

Founder, food, design and art lover

As Design Director, Anouk Jansen is in charge of the Jansen+co products, from the design and development to the final look and content of the complete collection. With over 20years experience within the design industry, Anouk is respected as a leader in the field, both as a facilitator of creative minds and production partners, and as a designer in her own right. Anouk got her design degree in 1995 at the Institute for Fashion Management & Design in Amsterdam. She has been recognized with three awards for her innovative designs and style; Design Plus Award 2011, Deco Home Award 2012 and Deco Home Award 2013.

Anouk draws her inspiration from life. “For me the small things in life do matter. Home made cooking, having a good freshly brewed coffee, spending time at my dinner table with my family and friends, seeing art, smelling fresh vegetables or flowers, I am able to see an taste colours in everything! That’s what makes me happy and enables me to design products.”

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